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Posts: 720
Foosers -

Three big events at Boulders starting tomorrow. The schedule is as follows....

1 PM Open Singles - Swiss Format
4 PM Handicapped DYP
7 PM Open Doubles

Entry fess are as follows...

Open Singles/Doubles - Local pts 5.0 and up $10, 4.99 or less $5
Handicapped DYP - $10 all players

All events are 100% payback. We will use the following funding formula for all payouts...

4 teams or less - Winner takes it all 100%
5 - 6 teams - 1st place 70% and 2nd place 30%
7 - 11 teams - 1st 55%, 2nd, 30%, 3rd 15%
12 or more teams - 1st 50%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 15%, 4th 10%

Table fee is $5 per event or 10$ for all three

Please take the time to preregister for your event as we are expecting a large turnout. You can do it here on the website or text me at 928-304-3351. Please let me know who you are, what events you want to register for, and who your open doubles partner is. The sooner you do this the easier it is for me to get the events started in a timely and efficient manner. You must register and pay at least 30 minutes prior to the schedule start time of the event. Failure to do so may be cause for the TD to remove you from the event.

Boulders is also having a pool party on their deck, so if you want to get wet, bring your swimwear and a change of clothing!

We will be using Kickertool to run Open Singles if we have 8 or more players, which we already do. Games will be 2/3 to 5 pts If we have over 12 players odd number rounds will be race to 7. We will be using the swiss format which guarantees that all players will get at least 6 full matches in. We will play till 3:30 and then finish what ever round we are in at that time. Top 4 players will play in the final...1st will play 2nd for the title, and 3rd will play 4th. Finals matches are single elimination 2/3 to 5, must win by 2 in the final game or first to 8 pts.

We will be using netfoos to run the two double events. The handicapped event will be governed by the following rules. All matches are 2/3 to 5.


We are looking forward to a great event, so bring your A game and a great attitude and get your foos on!!


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