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Jim KingMonday, September 11, 2023
Foos Pulse


For those of you who have yearned for more foosball updates, the Foos Pulse has finally returned to print after several years of being missing in action! Here we attempt to keep you up-to-date of what’s going on in the (Arizona) world of foosball. And not only has the Foos Pulse returned but, alas, the 2023 Arizona Foosball League is kicking off this Tuesday, September 12th!

There are 14 teams participating in this season’s contests of bravery, cunning, and strategy, with the sole purpose of capturing the coveted Foos Bowl XX championship. Well actually, there’s also the calling of building camaraderie amongst teams while playing a sport that requires a high level of expertise (or perhaps just quick reflexes!) and an open mind to learning offensive and defensive strategies.

The Western conference:

  • Foosage a Trois (defending Foos Bowl XIX Champs)
  • Better Lucky Than Good
  • Foos Brothers
  • Josh, Steve, Tyler (…still waiting for a creative name to be adopted)
  • Three Bros, No Hoes
  • FoosFellas
  • Bearded Kartel (returning after a several year hiatus)

The Eastern conference:

  • Tim, Luke, Robert (…waiting for an original name)
  • Phil, Casey, Paul (ditto)
  • Ball Smackers
  • J Willy
  • Holly, Jeff, Tori (ditto)
  • Steve, Louise, ? (ditto)
  • Dumpster Fire

As is normal for this league, we’ve got players with decades of experience and individuals just getting back into the game. However, with the handicap system in place we all know that the playing field is leveled and absolutely anyone can win a game, a match, or the sought-after Foos Bowl championship.

The format for the league is each week two teams will face off against each other and play the following games. This is a high level overview and does not contain all the specifics of each game. I highly recommend getting acquainted with the League rules which covers all the gory details of match play. Those can be found at Just go to LeaguesRules & Scoresheet, then in the 'Match Documents' selector, pick 'Standard', 'Phoenix', '2023', and 'League Rules'.

Each week’s matches are comprised of the following rounds:

  • Doubles: 3 games of doubles alternating with teammates
  • 1 on 1 Battle: 2 games of Singles; 2 games of Goalie War; 1 game of 5 Bar War; & 1 game of Forward Shoot-out
  • Rollerball: Rollerball indicates that the ball(s) must be kept moving at all times. One game of 3 on 3 two-ball rollerball and one game of 2 on 2 one-ball rollerball
  • Team ROTO: ROTO indicates that as one team scores they rotate a player into the game and one out of the game. There is one game of singles and one game of doubles.
  • Point Champion: Sum of the total points per game. The team with the most points wins this round.

The winner of the weekly match is determined by the total rounds won. If rounds are tied, there is a one game playoff.

Each team should end up playing a total of 16 matches spread over 19 weeks, with each team getting three byes spread across the season. However, the culmination of your weekly stress, skill, and luck results not only in your team qualifying for the playoffs with a shot at the Foos Bowl XX Championship but also the following individual titles are also at stake as you will engage in a playoff against the opposing conference leaders for each category. Each category is based on overall winning percentage with a minimum number of games being required, as noted in the Awards/Stats tab once they start being tracked.

  • League Stud
  • Goalie War
  • Forward Shoot Out
  • Five Bar War
  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • Rollerball
  • Hired Gun: Only substitute players are eligible for this category

And finally…

If anyone is interested in getting involved in local foosball in any capacity, visit and register using the current signup sheet, post in our forums, or contact Bill Nolan at 602-751-8818. In addition, you can get the latest and greatest details on any foos related activities at this same awesome site.

Remember…Keep Foosin’ Fun!

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