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Ash vs. Spredeman Money Game!
the situasian:   I was there when high level players were getting beat one after the other by Tony Spredeman's left hand. Including Mighty Mo about 5 times... Then Ash "Twinkle Toes" Mizaradehahalsjfhwalsj stepped up and showed Tony a thing or two about foosball.
MightyMo:   Like I said in the Video, we are never gonna hear end of this . . .
Afshin:   I was practicing on my own Rick Marmestein Came over and told me Tony beat most of Arizona state great players left Handed when I heard that I went to Tony's Table got in line next and told myself I will protect Arizona's Foosball Name if I beat tony.
billyboy:   Amazing! Ash, I wonder if you could have won using only one arm as well?
Afshin:   Tony has amazing game and he told me no one ever beat him Left Handed game he try to rematch I told him I play him but he need to use both hand we play like 10 other Friendly games ater that match.Its kinda hard to win left handed cause he is lefty.
JRhode:   Wait...what? Tony was only using his left hand? Not sure I would be caught dead playing with such a handicap! Jeesh! That guy is so next level, he puts all of us to shame !
Afshin:   yes Jesse his left handed game is so good that he beat pro master players 5-0 maybe if they lucky 5-1 .My five man shots are pretty much imposible to block for anyone in the world thats why I got that victory for my AZ Foosers.
tyler:   Ash your only shot is a 5 bar!
Afshin:   Tyler I practice Shots that guaranty to score ,I am a Foosball Hustler and I have to have shots that when I need victory I get it and shots must be one of the kinds that no one can't Block it.
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1 - Rick Weirman / Del Compton - $1002 - Leanne Diliberto / Gary Cooper - $503 - Holly Minnig / Vivek Arora - $104 - Karyl Pickering / Jim King5 - Dennis Pickering / Steve Taylor5 - Adrienne McCormack / Ronnie Garrett7 - Paul Freund / Ashtien7 - Travis Hubred / Ken Oglesby
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1 - John Crawford / Chris Serrao - $503 - Stefan Achberger / Bill Nolan - $105 - Ashtien6 - Spirit Mollice7 - Jesse Rhode8 - Nolan Gorney9 - Paul Freund10 - Miles Johnson
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